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Описание производителя
LIH IR-Lampe 2000W 240V
LIH IR-Lampe 2000W 235V
LIH IR-Lampe 2500W 400V
LIH IR-Lamp 3000W 400V
HID-AV C 35-70 /S CDM 220-240V
AspiraVision is the mark of excellence in HID electronic gear technology – high-end, compact, lightweight and easy to use, with added features for optimal performance of 35, 50 and 70 W CDM lamps.
HF-S 258 TL-D II HT 220-240V 50/60Hz
HF-Selectalume II HT ballasts have been designed to ensure a long service life under tough operating conditions. They offer a high degree of reliability, quality and efficiency, which ensures uninterrupted lamp operation and maximum safety.HF Selectalume II HT ballasts are available not only for T5 lamps, but now also for TL-D lamps. They are intended for use with outdoor and indoor lighting fixtures such as waterproof recessed luminaires, which are largely used in car parks, industrial bays, offices, and other applications.
HF-Ri TD 1 14/21/24/39 E+
This intelligent high-frequency electronic dimming ballast utilizes the DALI or Touch and Dim push-button protocol for fluorescent lamps. It meets A1BAT requirements, thereby pre-empting upcoming legislation. With a special command you can retrieve the system’s mains power consumption, and with another you can find out which lamp wattage is connected. Combined with controls, additional energy savings can be achieved.;The ballast is primarily designed for Indoor application. For outdoor application, the luminaire should be minimum ClassⅠand need to be sufficiently protected against water & dust.
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