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LIH UV Master 2000W symmetric medium beam skylight
This device in IP65 is particularly well suited for the production of vitamin D3 in large animals, especially reptiles and mammals. The use already takes place with panda bears, elephants, iguanas, crocodiles. The required dose depending on the species can be adjusted over time and distance, as this UV Master 2000W is only used in addition to artificial lighting. Lamps and reflectors can be replaced. Also technical applications for simulating the sun are possible.
This UV master with a 12 degree cone of light is particularly well suited to creating a sunbathing spot at a great distance. A UV index of 7 is achieved between 4 and 5 meters away, and the sunbathing spot will then be about one meter in diameter. The narrow beam of light is perceived as warming as in the sun. This is very important for the production of vitamin D3 in animals, especially reptiles and mammals. The special metal halide lamp in the UV Master produces not only UVA and UVB but also visible light with high luminous flux and high color rendering. The beam angle is low, so that the animals in their enclosure have a limited sunbathing space available and decide for themselves whether they sunbathe or not. This daylight lamp has an extra long life. Lamps and reflectors can be exchanged to generate other radiation properties. Also technical applications for simulating the sun are possible.
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Ralotherm ITT 2500W 235V-0826 K/S
Ralotherm ITT 2500W 400V-0826 K
ITT 2500W 400V-0828 M/PH
Ralotherm ITT 3000W 400V-0826 K
Ralotherm ITT 3000W 400V-0828 M/PH
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